1. Consider your identity outside of work. Our identities can become totally wrapped up in our careers and work, leaving us disconnected from parts of ourselves that are still important and valuable. As a reflection exercise, picture yourself without your job. What parts of you emerge? How can you connect with and nurture these parts of yourself? 

  2.  What are you most proud of? Create a space in which you can truly embrace your achievements. Set aside 20 minutes in your day to ground yourself in your efforts and successes. First create a comfortable environment, and then engage in a very quick body scan to help calm down your thoughts. Start at your feet, and work your way up your body, paying gentle attention to each part. Identify recent experiences you are genuinely proud of, and ask yourself what characteristics you embody that allow you to achieve this. 

  3. Loving Kindness - be your own biggest fan. It can feel really hard to identify our strengths and goals without self-critical thoughts. Imagine that you are a friend looking in at your life. What would you say to your friend? Would you be encouraging? What would impress you? Most likely you would be a supportive and loving friend, truly impressed by your own achievements. Allow yourself to sit with this non-judgmental praise, and imagine directing this loving energy towards yourself.

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