BODY SCAN FOR EVERYTHING + 10 minute guided audio

I recently went to hypnotherapy for the first time and it was super powerful. One of my favorite parts of the experience was the guided imagery my hypnotherapist used when I was in a fully relaxed space. Being able to envision positive and negative energy through color, light, and heat was so freeing, and really helped me to conceptualize some of my difficult emotional experiences in a somatic way.

I was inspired to add my own version of an energetic visualization to the end of this 10 minute body scan, to really help move some of that energy through you.

I’m a huge fan of body scans for so many reasons. A body scan helps us to:

  • ground ourselves physically when we are feeling detached or disconnected

  • bring awareness to our somatic experience

  • help with muscle relaxation and tension

  • allow us to better understand where we are experiencing our emotions in a physical way

  • slow our mind while relaxing our body, effective stopping the circular experience of anxious thoughts causing body tension causing anxious thoughts

  • create space for self-compassion and self-respect by listening to our bodies

  • find a deeper appreciation and gratitude for our amazing bodies and how hard they work

  • reconnect with our bodies in a gentle way if we aren’t feeling close to our physical selves

  • reintroduce ourselves to our physical beings with love

While I advocate for body scans for everything, :) try a 5-10 minute scan when:

  • it feels difficult to slow your thoughts or release tension after an intense day

  • coping with work stress

  • having an argument with a friend or a loved one - call a 30 second time out and check in quickly with your body

  • trying to sleep

  • coping with anxiety or panic

  • struggling with feelings of low-self worth

  • questioning yourself or feeling disconnected from your intuition

  • having difficulty focusing

  • feeling out of touch with your body, or disconnected from reality

  • experiencing disconnect with your sexuality

This is such a special way for us to prioritize our physical experience and really pay attention to each hard working part of bodies with love, compassion and respect. Check out and download the guided audio above.

I’m here for you if you want to explore more. Contact me to schedule a free consultation.

laura federico