I was reading The Commodification of Self Care and The Terrible Art of Relentless Self Love by Take Care Herbals the other day, which is an older post, but so relevant and inspiring. It's really difficult to sort through the facile platitudes we consume about how to feel better, change our lives, and prioritize our mental well-being. 

The popular consumer concept of self-care means that the responsibility to feel better falls completely on us and our thoughts, a perspective that completely ignores any real life stressors, disadvantages, or traumas. This capitalist interpretation of self-care is also targeted specifically towards women, which is beyond patronizing. 

Finding space to accept ourselves with love, to have compassion, to understand that we are trying as hard as we can, is truly important. The way to do this is not always through manicures and take out, but through a real embracing of who we are and what we have to cope with. Within this space, how do we find a true belief in ourselves? We can be empowered to make choices that are good for our spirits and our souls on a true, deep level. 

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laura federico