Our world is so loud, and we are bombarded with toxic messaging. How do we feel connected to our bodies, our intuition, and our desires and intentions in this noise?

One-one support isn't always the right option for us. Sometimes we are looking for something that feels more gentle, something we can access at our leisure, with less of a time commitment. My twice monthly journal provides a space for sharing - self expansion, beyond acceptance, and a real embracing of who we are, delivered right to your inbox, for extra love and support. 

This is a space for YOU. These twice monthly emails are designed to give you a quick boost and an easy way to connect with yourself. You'll receive actionable wisdom for relaxation, grounding, and centering.

Sign up above. Your email will contain an exploration of challenges we face, an affirmation, and some basic breathing guidance to help with grounding. Your email may contain a downloadable guided body scan, meditative reflection, or active breathing to help move through difficult emotions.