Connecting to support can feel challenging, even in the best of times. Whether the barrier be geographic, financial, lack of time, cultural or emotional, things can get in the way of us getting help when we most need it. I get it. That's why I offer convenient, affordable, confidential, HIPAA compliant teletherapy for when you just can't get to the office. 

 courtesy of  Julia Volonts  

courtesy of Julia Volonts 

Teletherapy Plans

I understand that some things are more easily discussed through typing than talking. Sessions are available via video or instant message to allow you to express yourself in the way that feels most comfortable to you. 

You have access to a private online waiting room, and confidential messaging with me. Our sessions will be conducted in the same way as if we were in an office, but we will be speaking at your convenience, in the space in which you feel the best. 

Monthly Package 

$250 for 4 standard sessions, including confidential messaging

Pay as you go 

$75 per 45 minute standard session 

$100 per extended 60 minute session

Teletherapy Training + Expertise 

I have been trained in telemental health best practices through a number of organizations and am a TMHI Telemental Health Practitioner. I have been consulting and working with a diverse range of clients through a confidential and HIPAA compliant platform for 2 years.