Creative Therapy Plans 


I understand that some things are more easily discussed through typing than talking. Sessions are available via video, voice and instant message to allow you to express yourself in the way that feels most comfortable. 

You have access to a private online office, and secure, confidential messaging between sessions with me. We know our lives keep moving outside of our therapy schedules, and we can message as useful to check in around goal setting, stressful events, and for consistent support. Our sessions will be conducted in the same way as if we were in an office, but we will be speaking at your convenience, in the space in which you feel the best. I am currently working with clients in New York and worldwide.


Monthly Package 

All your needs in one

comprehensive support

$650 USD for 4 standard sessions,

including confidential messaging between sessions + online support when you need it

Pay as You Go

not sure what you need? 

start here

$200 USD per 45 minute standard session 

$225 USD per extended 60 minute session


Have out of network insurance coverage? Perfect! I will provide you with documentation for your insurance provider to claim your reimbursement, often up to 80%.

I believe in sliding scale rates and accessibility and dedicate a percentage of my practice to low fee services. Message me to learn more.