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What clients say

Laura it absolutely wonderful, insightful, and extremely competent. She provides insight and support in the perfect amounts, and makes herself available, which is so appreciated. She's wonderful. - US 

Laura is incredible, and our correspondence feels as though I'm talking to a supportive and insightful friend. When we commenced counseling, I had a sense that my core concerns and issues in my then-relationship were extremely valid, but had been undermined and dismissed for so long that I was experiencing internal conflict. Laura offered tremendous and supportive feedback that empowered me to trust my instincts and have tough, meaningful conversations in a constructive manner. She's helped me to hone in on my core values and continue my trajectory towards becoming the best version of me, and I have never been happier. Some might say "Why bother paying for therapy if you're happy?", but the fact is I deem Laura to provide incredible value as a sounding board, catalyst for self-reflection and an all-round wonderful person whom I truly enjoy speaking to! - US

Laura is intuitive, empathetic, excellent at drilling down on what's important while giving you space to throw anything out there you think is important. - UK

Laura is amazing! I feel extremely comfortable with her and she is very in tune with what I tell her, must be hard to do with several clients but she is great. I find it very hard to talk about things and myself, but for the 1st time ever I have someone outside my circle of people that I can talk to about anything and really lucked out with Laura. - US

Laura is doing a great job..I feel super comfortable with her, she also talks to one like a sister or friend. Lots of stars from me. - Germany

Laura has been a very calm, comforting, and wise counselor. It has been easy to talk to her and she responds in a Way that makes me feel heard. She has offered advice and feedback that has allowed me to think through my current issues and resolve situations. - US