Laura Federico, MS, LCSW

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You are way stronger than you know

It can feel impossible to love and know ourselves when our world rarely feels quiet, when we compare ourselves to others without even realizing it, and when we can't shake the fear we are falling short.

Specializing in holistic, empowerment-based support for when we doubt our self-worth and feel disconnected from who we are and what we want, I am here to help process your pain and disappointments, heal, and begin a new relationship with yourself and your power.


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Who I help

I support smart, insightful, empathic people who can’t seem to find real value in themselves, despite feeling like they have achieved many of their goals. Feeling alone in this private self-doubt can be lonely, painful and frustrating. I see your true beauty, strength, and resilience, and together we will help you feel secure in your power.

If you are questioning your worth, value, or desirability in romantic or sexual relationships, feeling a disconnect between your accomplishments and your happiness, wondering if you’ve made the right life decisions, or struggling to feel confident in your voice or desires, you’ve come to the right place.

Connecting to support can feel challenging, even in the best of times. Maybe traditional therapy didn't feel like the right fit because your lifestyle is progressive, fast-paced, and modern.

Whatever the barrier may be, things can get in the way of us getting help when we most need it. That's why I offer convenient, creative, confidential, HIPAA-compliant virtual therapy on your terms. I encourage online communication and support between sessions on my innovative platform to honor our ongoing work.


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How I help  

My therapeutic approach is non-judgmental, sex-positive, feminist, holistic, and interactive, focusing on your amazing strengths.

Specializing in feelings of low self-worth, the mind-body connection, and existential questioning around your path in life, I am committed to a collaborative relationship with my amazing clients - you are the expert on your experience. I hold space for your feelings and create room for expression. Together, we will find you acceptance, self-compassion, power and freedom.

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