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You are stronger than you know

It can feel impossible to love and know ourselves when our world rarely feels quiet, when we compare ourselves to others without even realizing it, and when we can't shake the fear we are falling short. Specializing in holistic, empowerment-based support, I am here to direct our attention to every part of your experience, working together to rediscover an appreciation of your beautiful voice. This is creative therapy, designed with intention, that meets the needs of your unique lifestyle. Here you will find a convenient, safe space to speak and feel your experience. 

It is challenging to see and truly know our own inner strength in our competitive, often chaotic, fast-paced lives. I am here to help you find that. 


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Connecting to support can feel challenging, even in the best of times. Maybe traditional therapy didn't feel like the right fit because your lifestyle is progressive, fast-paced, and modern. Whatever the barrier may be, things can get in the way of us getting help when we most need it. I get it. That's why I offer convenient, creative, confidential, HIPAA-compliant therapy on your terms.


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About Me 

Committed to a collaborative relationship with my amazing clients, I provide a warm, open, empathetic line of communication. My therapeutic approach is non-judgmental, sex-positive, feminist, holistic, and interactive, focusing on your unique strengths. Together, we will find find you peace, acceptance and empowerment. 

Currently specializing in holistic, empowerment-based support for the unconventional client, I utilize a variety of different therapeutic approaches depending on what works and feels right for you. I am versatile and respectful and understand how challenging our modern world can be.

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