I am loving Virgie Tovar's essay in the 2018 vol 1 Many Moon's WorkbookYour Body is a Metaphor for the Cosmos! She also includes a meditation which is seriously amazing.

One of the more frequent conversations I have with my clients is around body image, worthiness, value, and desirability.

Challenging and subverting the pervasive ageist, racist, sizeist, sexist, ableist, show-your-strength-through-dieting-and-restriction, definition of desirability is not easy. We've internalized these messages our entire lives, and deconstructing and understanding this for each of us individually takes time. 

Misogynistic diet culture's promise to bring happiness with weight loss fuels a power dynamic in which food becomes our enemy, our greatest temptation, the thing keeping us from living our lives. It's up to us to prioritize body liberation in our lives, and to fight the oppressive narrative we live in. This is an unfair burden, and it can be tiring and can feel sad to do this type of work. It requires strength and stamina, but we absolutely can reclaim our bodies and our experience of beauty. Let's support each other in this fight! 

laura federico