Visualization + Breathwork

Today we learn how to help move breath and stress through our bodies using visualization.

This can be used with most breathwork methods, and is also a great tool to access at any point during the day.

Visualization Audio

1. Get into a comfortable position, seated with back straight, or lying down
2. It can help to close your eyes to feel more relaxed
3. We will practice this visualization with the coherent breath, 5 breath per minute, pace
4. Breathe gently in and out through your nose
5. Imagine a wave of water or light moving inside of you.
6. Focus all your attention at the top of your head as you breathe in.
7. Next focus all of your attention to the base of the spine, down through your body, and out through the bottom of your feet as you breathe out.
8. Imagine this wave of light or water moving through you with your breath.

Close your eyes, and notice what has happened in your body, and how you feel.
Amazing work!


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laura federico