SLEEP IS A MYSTERY - 2 ways to help fall asleep and stay asleep

  1. Body scan to calm the body and mind It can feel incredibly challenging to slow down our thoughts at the end of the day, and to find a sense of calm. Our bodies and minds are part of the same whole, and when our minds are busy, our bodies are not relaxed. Sleep can feel difficult when we are in this space of arousal.

    Add a body scan to your nightly routine, as a way to calm your body and mind. Start at your feet and work your way up your body, gently paying attention to each part. As any thoughts of the day work their way into your mind, simply redirect your attention to your body. This is an easy way to decompress and ease your way into sleep. 

  2. Remember the reason why you are calling lights out It is totally valid to crave time to ourselves after the end of a grueling day. This may be watching our favorite TV show, listening to a motivating podcast, seeing friends, doing some insta scrolling. Unfortunately, these methods of unwinding often creep into the time we need for rest and recovery.

    If we don't remember the WHY when it's time to say goodbye and start our nighttime routine, we may feel resentful, frustrated, or simply avoid bedtime altogether. It's important to remind yourself that the reason you are setting limits is because of true self-care, self-respect, and self-compassion.

    Remembering that good sleep hygiene is a major sign of self-love is a pretty great motivator to get into bed at a time that feels right for you.

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laura federico