YOUR POTENTIAL IS INFINITE + a journaling exercise

Perfectionism and imposter syndrome go hand-in-hand. This self-doubt blocks us from truly accessing our intuition, love, and endless potential to reach others in this life. My clients often express frustration in connecting with their purpose, their greater meaning. It can be incredibly easy to become disconnected from our inner wisdom in our busy and competitive lives.

Do you let yourself dream big? At what point do you stop your thoughts from expressing your desires? Try to allow yourself 10 minutes today to connect with your dreams, and I genuinely mean fantasy - focus on expansion. You have an infinite amount of potential in you, and the ways you can reach others in this life are endless. I believe in you. 

As a helpful exercise, identify an inspirational place you can easily visit in your day. Schedule 15-30 minutes in this space, allowing yourself to walk and absorb the energy around you. Bring a journal or something to write with and do some free sketching, first with your dominant and next with your non-dominant hand. See what it feels like to connect with your creativity and intuition - although you may not always be aware of it, this is always a part of you, and is always with you.

Iā€™m here for you if you want to explore more. Contact me to schedule a free consultation.

laura federico